• Hello again my lovely dashionistas! As my summer in LA continues so do my adventures. I’ve been documenting all my outings in order to share them all with you. So […]
  • For this weeks artists, I decided to take a break from the pop/rock scene, and move to a more mature genre (aka a complete 180 from last weeks artist about boy band, […]
  • The fashion world has a habit of getting bored with itself, which is why so many fashion designers work tirelessly to reinvent the the runway every season by redesigning, recycling […]
  • If you are anything like me, you basically drooled over the Hard Summer 2014 official trailer for this year’s event. Between the epic lineup of EDM acts and Skrillex, Diplo, […]
  • Hello my lovely Dashionistas! I must say it has been way, way, WAY to long since I have last blogged with you! Spring quarter had me running around like a […]

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