• So I was lucky enough to attend this years Video Music Awards on Sunday and wanted to share my epic experience **WARNING IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE** […]
  • By now, you have most likely heard of the 21+ music and fun festival that is coming through Avila Beach next month, Forever Never Land. Set to take place on […]
  • Sunday, August 24 will be the HOTTEST day of the summer in Avila Beach! Why you ask? Here’s a hint: beach, babes, booze, and bikinis! That’s right! Bikini Fest is coming […]
  • Seeing that last weeks blog about The Chainsmokers was such a big hit (they favorited my tweet, so I’m basically a local celebrity), I decided to pick another artist who are […]
  • Although the days of summer are slowly starting to creep to an end, thanks to our gorgeous California weather we get to wear bikinis all year long! Now I don’t […]

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