• Watches come in endless styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. They’ve become as much of a fashion statement as they are a tool, and watch trends are constantly changing. A person’s […]
  • Banksy Art at Touch Of Modern I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with Banksy. Well, at least, I wouldn’t be if I hadn’t caught “Exit Through the Gift Shop” on […]
  • It can’t be a Yeezy affair without a certain flair of drama… As a pleasant surprise for fans of Kanye West, Adidas confirmed that it would begin selling the Yeezy […]
  • We undergo a lot of changes between 19 and 22, whether we notice it or not. We develop new interests, start listening to different music, hang out with different friends. […]
  • Girls in bikinis at the beach can heat up even the coldest California winter. This week we shot three suits of Courtney Allegra‘s. These pieces are soft, easy to move around in, […]

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