• Lumbersexuals rejoice–according to the Pinterest 100, a compendium of trending pins that aims to predict the ongoing trends of 2015, beards are going strong in the new year, ranking number […]
  • So the eighties are calling my name. Lately, I have been noticing lots of posts on Instagram and pictures in my Pinterest feed of these awesome custom neon signs with […]
  • Christmas is a few weeks away babes! And there isn’t a lot of time left when it comes to planning and buying presents! I love giving gifts to my friends […]
  • I have been blessed to have some beautiful and talented friends in this small town where I now call home. It’s even cooler when they want me to photograph them. A […]
  • The junk haus has finally started to put together photoshoots in different locations using our clothes and antiques. This is one of the recent ones we did. Right before Halloween, my […]

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