• Summer is just around the corner and that means time to retrieve your bathing suits that have been stored away all winter. One of the trendiest suits this season is […]
  • I’m sure there’s a large majority of people who are over the Coachella braided boho-fairy look, but this girl is still into it. Blame it on the FOMO or the […]
  • Recently, fashion trends have revolved around comfort. As a result, incorporating casual running or walking shoes into everyday outfits has been popping up everywhere. Say goodbye to unwanted callused feet, […]
  • Ah yes, the tulle skirt. This feminine chic piece has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, mostly due to the fact that a tulle skirt is perfect for day-to-night […]
  • You’ve probably seen the Snapchat update from last week, the random placement of emojis by people’s names? They’re actually not as random as you think. Remember when Snapchat displayed everyone’s […]

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